Sunday, June 09, 2013

Public Speaking

Me and Ryan were asked to speak in our church today. I don't think I've mentioned previously, but we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While Ryan isn't too bothered by public speaking it completely terrifies me. The last time I spoke in church was 13 years ago. I'm hoping today will cover me for the next 13 years. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I was asked to speak about how me and Ryan met and a little bit about us as a family and to bear my testimony. So I thought I'd share what I said here for anyone who'd like to know us a little better and how we get together.

So, if you read the introduction there's four of us: Ryan, me, our son Russell who is 5, and our daughter who is 4-months. We live in Santaquin, UT and have for 3 months now.

Me and Ryan actually grew up together. He was the next door neighbor of one of my friends. We also went to the same schools and everything, so I knew who he was. But he was a year younger than me, which makes a difference when you're young. I couldn't associate with him too much because I was so much cooler and wiser than him being a year old. Actually, I'm still cooler and wiser, but we don't let the age gap get in our way anymore. We've matured. Anyway, my family moved when I was 15 and I didn't see Ryan for another 10 years. I didn't give him a second thought over those 10 years.

During the next 10 years I worked as an insurance agent, went to school, traveled. I also married another man. I was sucked in by his tan good looks and charming personality. Also, once we were married we moved to Australia. The Australia part was unfortunately the best part of our marriage. Great country though. We separated and eventually divorced when I was just 6 weeks pregnant with Russell and I did the single working mom thing for a few years.

Ryan spent those 10 years being a little more productive than me. He joined the church when he was 17. After high school he went to BYU for a couple years. He served a mission in Lubbock, TX. Then returned to BYU to finish up his degree in electrical engineering.

We reconnected at a hot chocolate party a couple days after Christmas. Ryan was home for Christmas break. I didn't really want to go to the party. It was on a Tuesday night and I had work at 6:30 the next morning. But I decided to make a quick stop in. As I was getting ready to leave I heard somebody say my name behind me. When I turned around it was Ryan. 10 years had really done him well. I was smitten. I ended up staying at that party a little longer than I had planned.

A few days later, in the classiest way possible, Ryan asked me out via a Facebook email. I accepted and we had our first date on New Year's Day. We had sushi and went bowling and played arcade games. I totally beat him at ski ball. It was the best first date of my life. It left me wanting more. Unfortunately, Ryan left the very next day to go back to BYU. We stayed in touch via Facebook, texting, video chat, and going back and forth to visit each other.

On Memorial Day weekend Ryan surprised me by driving out from Utah to California (where I was living at the time)all night arriving at my house around 9 a.m. with a roses and a ring and asked me to marry him. I said yes. Obviously. He moved out to California that summer for us to be together and plan our wedding. We were married the next November. We stayed in California through Christmas, but after Christmas we moved back to Provo for him to finish his degree.

Ryan just graduated this past April and accepted a job at IMSAR building radars and we left Provo and moved to Santaquin. We love it here. We have the best neighbors, it's quiet, everything is great.

Ryan was asked to speak on the priesthood. He did a great job! I was proud. He spoke about how the priesthood is the power of God. Therefore, it's the responsibility of the holder to act in a way that Christ would. Ryan pointed out how often times you think of acting with the priesthood you apply it to major things in your life. However, there was a talk by Elder Holland about said it should be applied to all facets of life. One of the aspects of life Ryan applied it to was parenting. There's a scripture that says you should be slow to speak, but quick to listen. Anyway, how with parenting you should be more patient and stuff.

He also spoke on other things the priesthood is used for such as father's blessings, blessing of healing, giving Marcy a name and a blessing, and how honored he feels to hold the priesthood and be able to do these things for his family and children.

Anyway, we got through the talks. Ryan a lot smoother than me. But I did it. I did something I truly fear and makes me feel like I'm going to vomit. But I didn't vomit, just to be clear. But I hope it will be another 13 years before I have to experience that again.

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